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Archives for June, 2005

Google Map API

I have been working to modify the site to use the new Google Map API. There are a few thing which aren’t quite there yet so I will leave the current site as it is until these are ironed out. I quickly solved the problem of linking the icons on the panel to the map […]


I have added new content to site. The first thing to notice is that I have changed the icons. These have been altered as I plan to let the icons classify the type of event they are attached to. My initial attempts were a bit rubbish so I have left them blank on the traffic […]


Most of the BBC Jam Cams are back up again. I am planning to add Roadworks and major road message sign values to the site at which point I will address outstanding issues with the rendering and layout. The new content requires creation of two large parsers which though not difficult is hard graft especially […]

Additional Content

The site as it stands has a few problems which need addressed. – Doesn’t fit completely into IE window – The google map control needs updating to the latest configuration. I have put in a fix for the problems earlier in the week but this is not the correct way to do it. – As […]

Up again

Site up. I have added extra cams as you can see. I have modifed the mapframe.html to load version 6 map. This seem to have cleared the problem for now.

Site fix

Site down again. Same problem as yesterday except it seems to be here to stay. I have a fix and will update early this evening. Since images have started to appear on cameras from the south east and east of London I have managed to update quite a few and add some more which were […]

Namespace Woes

Site is broken. I am getting the error message: Error: _MapsApplication is not defined Google have modified the map file to use namespaces. I am still investigating how to fix this. This only applies to sites which reference the map files directly from google. Any others who hold them locally seem to be fine. … […]

London Cams

I have added more London Cams. This is not quite the whole lot. I left out a great deal of the east London ones because I have never seen them feeding an image. The ‘Jamaica Road’ one jumps to East London ‘Rotherhithe Tunnel’ which can’t be right and I couldn’t find anywhere on the A2 […]


I have been looking at Dom Ramseys site and in particular his use of IFrames to hold the page components. To that end I have revamped the gtraffic.info to do the same (only not as clever). The item list on the right hand side is no longer the Google standard panel but an IFrame into […]


Well done to Dom Ramsey on his site. Nice icons! I have been examining his use of IFrames and have a half finished rejig of the gtraffic.info site which should address some of the problems with the layout of the page. In the process of redoing the layout I have solved the problem of triggering […]