Barry Hunter over at the Google API discussion list has pointed that my conversion routine is not wholly accurate. I am only converting OSGB “grid refs” not the full OSGB36 to latitude and longitude.

If I ever get time I will use the OS spreadsheet calcs to implement a full conversion.

I thought I might get a mention at the Open Tech conference since I use the bbc travel feed info but no such luck.


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  1. Barry Hunter on July 30th, 2005 12:31 am

    Just to clarify my comment, the code you have appears to correctly convert the Grid Reference to/from Lat/Long (as the gridref is OSGB36 so is the lat/long). What is missing is converting the Lat/Long in the OSGB36 Datum to/from that in WGS84 Datum, using a Transformation for example the Hermert Transformation.

    I only wanted to point it now because of the much head banging I did when setting up the above mentioned site, where my locations weren’t lining up ;-(

    Enjoy! Barry

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