Changed the default overview. Too much of France for my liking.

This is a fascinating list of traffic related sites from around the world.

Canterbury Pub Crawl

Very nice.

Since he’s generated the xml anyway for the panel and points I don’t see why he hasn’t linked the panel to trigger the infowindow popups.

Contact me Mr ghosty if you want any help on this.


Infowindow fix

I have ‘fixed’ problem with infowindows under Mozilla-based browsers e.g Firefox. I had to force any long text like the event summaries to be the width of the table.

It doesn’t look as good as the original table but it was important to me to get this working under firefox cos I never use IE anymore.

Off On Holiday

I am off on holiday for the week. I have partially fixed the cctv pages. If you click twice on the selection panel (on the right) it will render the full image. Quite annoying but fixable I am sure.

I have given up trying to revamp the current site to fit IE properly. Instead I am going to redo it using some of the fancy CSS stuff that is available now. Major update on the way.


Google have done something to the latest map version which has broken the rendering of the html inside the info windows (the map popups). It only applies to Mozilla-based browsers not IE.

I am working on fixing this.