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Archives for September, 2005

Blog Down

Anyone looking at this yesterday (Wed) or for most of today would have notice that it was stuffed. This was because I was having to move it to a new server. Copying the files was easy enough but I also had to dump the database, alter the links to the new url and then recreate […]

Minor Fix

I doubt anyone noticed but the panel icons occasionally didn’t match the map icons in terms of the severity colour. Instead of trying to track the source of the error I rewrote the icon selection code using the Python dict() data structure. The upshot is that instead of having many lines of IF..THEN..ELSE statements I […]

New features

I have updated the site. The new stuff is mostly cosmetic until I can get to grips with CSS. I know what I want to do it’s just a matter of figuring out how to do it. – Overview now has region ‘spots’. Clicking on these will take you to the appropriate dataset. I had […]

Update coming soon

I am working on update to site with lots of exciting new features. This is taking longer than I thought as there are problems with the rendering of stuff between IE and Firefox. As usual it works prefectly on Firefox but exhibits all sorts of strange stuff on IE. I have entered gTraffic into competition […]