Blog Down

Anyone looking at this yesterday (Wed) or for most of today would have notice that it was stuffed. This was because I was having to move it to a new server. Copying the files was easy enough but I also had to dump the database, alter the links to the new url and then recreate the tables. Not for the faint of heart. Anyone in the same situation can find instructions to do this here.

Just as well I had a backup of the whole thing.

Minor Fix

I doubt anyone noticed but the panel icons occasionally didn’t match the map icons in terms of the severity colour. Instead of trying to track the source of the error I rewrote the icon selection code using the Python dict() data structure. The upshot is that instead of having many lines of IF..THEN..ELSE statements I have reduced it to

iconMap = ICON_MAP[message.filter][severity]

Where the message.filter values is the type of event e.g roadworks etc.

The map is built like so:

ICON_MAP = dict()

Remaining todos:

– Fix the formatting of the region elements in the panel under Firefox. I havn’t a clue why this weird shift to the left has started but it is a bit of a pain.

– Fix format of page under IE.

New features

I have updated the site. The new stuff is mostly cosmetic until I can get to grips with CSS. I know what I want to do it’s just a matter of figuring out how to do it.

– Overview now has region ‘spots’. Clicking on these will take you to the appropriate dataset. I had been meaning to do this for ages as the way the datasets are calculated the centre was available. It just meant having to rewrite a lot of the python code which handles the parsing but I am glad I did it.

– Message sign icons have (finally) been updated. The previous icon was an eyesore and a insult to VMS gantries everywhere. The new ones indicate the lane (A or B). As far as I know A is towards London (where else!) and B is away from London. (or is it the other way around?)

– Removed titles from the datasets which didn’t need them. I.e Putting the title for the camera layers was not telling you anything you didn’t already know.

– New zoomin and zoomout buttons on the infowindows. These will take you down to a much closer level and let you flip back up again to the overview.

– The word ‘back’ on the dataset panel have been replaced with a new icon.

– Icon popups which show the main contents on the event. This is J. Shirleys excellent GxMarker class. I can’t seem to get it to be non-transparent which can be a little annoying when there are lots of items. This functionality makes the overview work so much better and was worth breaking my attempt to only use the API.

Update coming soon

I am working on update to site with lots of exciting new features. This is taking longer than I thought as there are problems with the rendering of stuff between IE and Firefox. As usual it works prefectly on Firefox but exhibits all sorts of strange stuff on IE.

I have entered gTraffic into competition over at The Ideal Goverment Project. Should hear soon if I have won anything. I wouldn’t mind a Google lava lamp!