Prize Winner

I have won a runner up prize from the previously mentioned Ideal Goverment. competition. Hurray!

I did like the winning entry though I thought mine was more useful. Still, better than nowt!

World Wind

Here is the Scottish Traffic info on the NASA World Wind. Scotland This is a lot slicker than Google Earth. Alas just like Google Earth it is pretty useless for this sort of thing without any roadmaps!

Google Map Update Problems

It seems that Google have updated the map control again. This was mentioned on google map mania.

Anyway, the update seems to have had a weird side effect.

– Click on a traffic event from the panel.
– Click on the zoom-in icon on the infowindow

Now, it _used_ to zoom to the event and centre on the event. It no longer does. This is a little annoying. Looking for a fix.

Fault #2

Hourly processing appears to have stopped. Log indicates

ERROR generateXML – I/O Error: u’canolig’ (0)

which will no doubt be pesky Welsh traffic descriptions. Can’t fix it until this evening.

Panel formatting is now correct.

Traffic Cam Wales

I have added Traffic Cams from Wales. There is quite a lot of them so be patient when the dataset is loading.

Sticking these on reminded me that somesort of ‘loading’ message would be appropriate. That or I attempt to split them into North and South Wales.

Some nice comment on the site from Ideal Goverment. I don’t appear to have won anything though. Never mind.

I keep harping on about this but I _will_ fix the panel list formatting for regions. This and other annoyances.

The transport feed is either not working or there really is that little transport info. So fas this data has been dismal and pretty useless and I am sorely tempted to yank it from the site. Another thing to look into.