Updates in the fog

Lots of fog in the UK at the moment. Here is a grab from one of the Welsh traffic Cams down on the Avon bridge.


Rather them than me. Anyone who has ever had to drive in fog where there is only a few feet of visibility will testify how scary it can be, especially if you are the one at the front!

I have made some minor updates to the site:

. ‘Transport’ map layer has been removed. There never seemed to be much data on this which I am pretty sure was due to a bug in my code. I have taken it out just now as it was next to useless.

. The VMS (Variable Message Sign) layer popups now state the ‘Road’ value. Also, in case anyone is remotely interested the abbreviations on this popup are : OIF – Operator Interface, TCC – Traffic Control Centre and MSS – Message Sign System. These all indicate the operator source i.e. who entered the original data. Not sure what the numbers mean when used in this context.

.I have seperated the Traffic Wales Cams into North and South. Also I have tagged the camera id number onto the panel description. It don’t look too slick at the moment but I am going to have a think about this. My plan is to redo the panel to be a bit more useful with sortable columns and the like so we’ll see.

.The update time for the Traffic information and VMS signs has been increased to every 30 minutes.


I have been working away in attempt to drop the use of tables for formatting the main page but I must confess I am not having much luck. The format of the gtraffic page is difficult (impossible) to recreate using CSS only.

I did the NASA worldwind traffic layer as an experiment. I might tidy it up as I was getting a few xml errors I couldn’t track down. There are two google earth version of a similar type of thing I should mention this and this. The first seems a bit slicker as the data displayed seems to depend on the zoom level. Both would be great if Google would only provide a map layer.

I am going to tidy up the Welsh CCTV feed and the listbox on the righthand side is (hopefully) going to get a super-charge (wait and see..).