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Archives for December, 2005

A night at the opera

Just tried out gTraffic on the latest version of Opera (8.51). The map works okay but as I guessed the XSL panel does not. I was toying with javascript code a while back which detected the browser type so I guess I could use this to supress the panel for anything not IE or Firefox.

Seasons greetings

The winter solstice has come and gone (21st). This means the year has turned so we can look forward to lighter nights again (despite whacky British summer time messing with our heads). I would like to wish everyone who uses the gTraffic site a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


A second person on stumbleupon has mentioned that gTraffic doesn’t work on Firefox. I am starting to get worried. What is it that they are seeing? It works perfectly for me! Going to fix IE colour problem today, I promise.

Panel Update

I have been suffering with analysis paralysis over the redesign of the list panel on the main page of gTraffic.info. I knew what I wanted to do but was unsure as to how to go about it. One of the main changes was to add the ability to sort the elements of the panel depending […]

Browser Compatibility

I notice this morning that there is a comment on the ‘stumbledupon’ complaining that gTraffic doesn’t work under Firefox 1.5. I have been using 1.5 since it came out and the site renders perfectly, better in fact than under I.E. The only browser I know it has problems with is Opera because it doesn’t implement […]

Minor Updates

I just noticed yesterday that the London West traffic cams were not in the pull down list! Haven’t a clue how they got dropped from the list. It’s back in now. Here is very Christmassy view of the Albert Bridge. Also layout of footer has been altered. Go a nice mention on the stumbledown site […]

Serious Fire

Massive fire at a fuel depot just outside of London. Northbound section of the M1 has been closed. Here is screencap. Red icons indicate severe incident. This is described in the traffic advisory as a ‘serious fire’ which is bit of an understatement to say the least.

Microsoft Local Live

I see Microsoft have finally got their act together and added the UK street and road info to their map control. I had a look at Microsoft Earth when it was launched and was quite impressed (especially since they were playing catch up to Google). I am toying with the idea of developing a gTraffic […]


The QMISS VMS xml feed is down. Let’s hope it’s back up tomorrow. Still looking into a radical redesign of the site. If anyone has any ideas then I would love to hear them. Email me at alistair@netthreads.co.uk.