Roadworks Down

Roadworks feed is still stuffed. Sorry folks! My internet connection at home is broken for the moment so a little patience is required before I can tidy the page up.


No roadworks data at the moment. Browser should probably say something to that effect rather than having a blank panel.

I am almost finished TPEG DOM parser, will publish this soon.

Firefox Compatibility Issues

Thanks everyone for comments on Firefox compatibility. Looks like most 0f the issues are to do with browser settings. In particular I received a mail from Joe Fuller from stumbleupon who had pointed out problems with displaying images. It turns out that the problem was the ‘Load Images’ setting on the Tools/Options dialog in Firefox. The ‘original website only’ checkbox will supress the loading of the icons so it needs to be deselected. Thanks to Joe for looking into that.

Things I am going to do:

– Build help page with a proper description that the various layers and icons mean.

– Release the python code for TPEG parser. This has been prompted by Tim Almonds posting to the backstage site with his mini parser for the M4 summary text. I started to add stuff to it then I thought ‘stuff it’ I will just rewrite the main parser for gTraffic to use the python DOM. The current code uses SAX and I wouldn’t subject the world to it.

So ‘why’ I hear you say. Well, the current design pulls _all_ the data from each TPEG entry. This means the the results can be ordered for severity and road and then written out as html, xml etc.

BBC Jam Cams as displayed on camera layers all appear to be down.