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Archives for February, 2006


Downloaded IE7 beta today. I was interested in seeing if it would render gtraffic.info in the same way as Firefox i.e correctly. I am sad to say that it _still_ doesn’t fit the site into the page correctly. They have decluttered the interface and added a completely pointless zoom in/out function for the webpage. Update: […]

Curse of the MiniDOM

I have spent a depressing evening trying to find out if there was a mechanism using minidom or pyxml to load the bbc traffic tpeg data into a DOM and get it to resolve the node entity values. No luck. I can’t even use minidom to parse the entity file or DTD directly as it […]

Latest News

I am _still_ working on a Python DOM parser for tpeg. I got so far and then realised that the minidom library which I have been using does not load the enumerated types which specify a great deal of the fields (like ‘severity’, sheesh). If I understand it correctly (there is very little help around […]

Roadworks Up

Okay, roadworks layer is back up again. Still working on TPEG parser. The more I look at this the more I see I have to include. The version which generated the layers for the map is pretty simple in comparison as I leave out a lot of data.