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I am _still_ working on a Python DOM parser for tpeg. I got so far and then realised that the minidom library which I have been using does not load the enumerated types which specify a great deal of the fields (like ‘severity’, sheesh). If I understand it correctly (there is very little help around on this stuff) it is because they are not defined inline to the tpeg file itself but are reached through a convoluted route through the DTD’s.

There is a solution to this which is to parse them out of their source file first and then do a text replacement for the corresponding codes in the target tpeg file but this solution is so horribly inelegant that I cannot bring myself to do it without at least trying to find an alternative.

I have had a suggestion about creating permalinks to region layers which I believe is doable so will be looking into this.

Google have updated their map API and apparently are ditching the use of ‘openInfoWindowXslt’ which my ‘createMarker’ function in gmaps.js uses. I need to look into this as I assume the new API will be made official sometime soon.


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