I have finished the TPEG DOM parser. Still working on some examples. This, of course, has got completely out of hand since all sorts of interesting ideas popped into my head when I through about how to present the data. The main thing I am working on now is a AJAX driven OPML/RSS page which uses XSL to render the XML files into the appropriate panes of a webpage. The approach means that all of the processing is handled by the browser as long as the data is accessible either locally or held on the server side.

This might take a little while to do.

TPEG Parser Update

I have finally this evening got the tpeg DOM parser working correctly. This has taken an inordinately long time to figure out mostly due to the limitations of the minidom python module. I have had to resort to the inelegant solution of parsing the XML entity file first and then doing a string replace on the contents of the target file to get things like ‘severity’ resolved.

There is no point submitting this to the BBC backstage site unless I include some real examples so I am now working on this. I have put together a simple RSS 2.o example and I think I should put some sort of html table thing together as well. This should form enough examples for anyone with enough Python skills to ‘roll their own’.

My hope is that others might use this to embed the BBC traffic data into their own projects.


I have given up on my initial attempt to modify the browser url to hold the permalink. I couldn’t get it to work because the url is really being redirected to my own ISP webspace address.

The solution was to generate an href link and write it into a div on the footer of the page.

If you want to jump straight to a particular dataset view do the following.

From whatever view you want to book mark click on the ‘Permalink’ link on the footer. The whole page will refresh (not very Web 2.0 I’m sure you’ll agree) and the appropriate url will be generated. Bookmark the page and that’s you.


I have added a link to the footer which if clicked should generate permalink to whatever dataset is currently being viewed. The only problem is that it doesn’t quite work yet as I use url redirection on the website address from my broadband account web space to the gtraffic url. At least I _think_ that’s why it doesn’t work.

I will hopefully fix this in due course.