I have been noticing some outages of this site and the gtraffic site recently. My initial thought was that it was my ISP but I have tracked the problem down to the URL ‘forwarding’. This has got me thinking about moving the URL’s over to my main ISP but can’t decide what to do. Apologies to everyone who uses gtraffic. I hope this was just a glitch.

The TPEG dom parser is basically finished but I can’t bring myself to release it with out polishing up a few things. Interestingly one of the examples I had in mind was the generation of html for mobile phones. I was looking at the prototypes section of the bbc backstage site and noticed that a Tom Dyson has done something with this already here. I like his implementation, simple and straightforward. My plan is to generate something similar for the gtraffic site using the new parser code. The new parser is able to tease the event category from the TPEG xml (something which isn’t that easy). So (somehow) you should be able to sort the results for a particular severity, category etc. That’s the plan anyway.

I have ditched the idea of an AJAX rss reader for the RSS generated traffic data as it’s way too complicated to get bogged down in just now. I have spent enough time working on this stuff and I need to revamp the gtraffic site to use Google Maps API 2.0.