Not been many updates lately but I have been busy! It’s all about priorities really. I have been updating the site for the Google Maps API V2.0 because I suspect they might yank the v1.x series maps soon. I am _almost_ there but not quite because I am trying to tidy up quite a lot of the things from API v1.0.

Python code for the RSS and mobile site to follow….when it’s finished!

The road ahead

I thought I was finished with the TPEG DOM parser but I started to write some example apps and I confess I have got bogged down. I could release the code tomorrow but I am so close to finishing some cool examples that I cannot bring myself to do it without polishing them up to something worth looking at.

The deadline for the version 1 API for Google Maps looms and I am hoping that I will finish this parser stuff off before I have to look at this. I might have to put the parser stuff on hold. This is a shame cos I really think there is a lot of interesting bits in the examples. AJAX, Python, the DOM and some interesting Python tricks . The way I hear it Google are going to yank the V1 API any day so if the site goes down then you will know why. Rest assured I am working on it!

Thanks to everyone for their kind words on StumbledUpon and in email. I hear you and will try to make the site as good as it can be.

The new site might not look too different (until I get time to look at it) but I have cracked the problem of categorising events (the XML is so generalised) so that you will be able to see the exact reason for an event like ‘Traffic Lights’, ‘ Heavy Load’ etc. Before it was all a little bit general.