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Archives for August, 2006


I have added a link to an article under the ‘Pages’ link on the top left hand side of the main NetThreads page (GWT: XML with JSON). This details the steps required to load existing xml data into a GWT (Google Web Toolkit) application, convert it to JSON format and then process it using the […]

Working again

Okay gTraffic.info site is now working again. I had backed up the site but there are a few different setting to switch over from the development image so this took a while to get right. I am a bit pissed off at Plusnet ISP because of this but I will refrain from threatening to ‘take […]

Data outage

There was another outage of my ISP service this morning which meant this blog was down. I have restored the gTraffic site as you may have noticed but the scripts to update the data are not being run as periodic tasks anymore. This seems to be something to do with with the ‘crontab’ functionality available […]

A curse on Plusnet

Hello everyone. I apologise for the outage of the gTraffic site. I have been on holiday and I came home on the Mon (14 Aug 2006) to discover my webspace files had been scrubbed completely. Everything..including the python scripts, blog, gtraffic..the lot. Some fishing around on the forums of my ISP ‘plusnet’ reveals that I […]