ISP still having problems with the servers for the gTraffic site so I apologise for the outages.

The roadworks feed still isn’t correctly parsing the data xml. The blank roadworks are ‘stopped’ events. I will look at this as soon as I have time tomorrow.

VMS and Roadworks

There have been problems with my ISP again so I have been locked out of making any updates or fixes. Access is still intermittent but I have made some fixes:

– Roadworks parser feed fixed and markers and panel is being generated. Selecting from the panel doesn’t work properly.

– VMS parse feed fixed and markers being displayed. Panel selection is broken.

No doubt about it from it’s whizz bang beginning the site it looking a little tired now. I have an update in progress but I guess it will be finished when it’s finished.

Oh, the javascript OSGR to WGS84 script was lost when the site was blasted previously. I have taken down the link as I am in the progress of finding out where it is.