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Archives for October, 2006

Release Imminent

Version 2.0 of the new gTraffic website is now functionally complete. I have been working on a new feature which I think is pretty cool but I have been trying to fit in the development to lunchtimes and evenings and I am struggling to finish it. It’s going to be a surprise. All I will […]

gTraffic v2.0

I have been making steady progress on the next version of gTraffic.info. This has become important as I mentioned previously that Google are due to terminate the v1.0 map control. I never managed to fix the straight html version of the site which uses v2.0 of the map and instead embarked on a rewrite using […]


Google still issuing dire warning that the V1 map API will be pulled here. I have a V2 version of the site but there are a few annoying bugs which I cannot seem to track down. I see I will havw to double my efforts.

Roadworks Update

Roadworks is now taking data correctly from fed. The references to multimap are still in and I haven’t decided what to do with them. The volume of data from the new xml feed is less than before so I don’t have to agressively cull the items like I had to do before. This was the […]