Release Imminent

Version 2.0 of the new gTraffic website is now functionally complete. I have been working on a new feature which I think is pretty cool but I have been trying to fit in the development to lunchtimes and evenings and I am struggling to finish it. It’s going to be a surprise. All I will say that it is in keeping with the general idea of a ‘mashup’. I might have to put up a holding page whilst I complete it as I believe Google will discontinue the version 1 map, which the site currently uses, tomorrow.

I haven’t tried deploying a GWT site before but I _think_ everything should work okay as I have been running it though a localised installation of Apache server and it seems alright.

gTraffic v2.0

I have been making steady progress on the next version of This has become important as I mentioned previously that Google are due to terminate the v1.0 map control. I never managed to fix the straight html version of the site which uses v2.0 of the map and instead embarked on a rewrite using Googles GWT library. I have to say this was a bit of risk but it has paid off as the site now looks the business. Screenshots soon.


Google still issuing dire warning that the V1 map API will be pulled here.

I have a V2 version of the site but there are a few annoying bugs which I cannot seem to track down. I see I will havw to double my efforts.

Roadworks Update

Roadworks is now taking data correctly from fed. The references to multimap are still in and I haven’t decided what to do with them.

The volume of data from the new xml feed is less than before so I don’t have to agressively cull the items like I had to do before. This was the reason there were only about five roadwork events on average.