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Archives for November, 2006

gTraffic.info v2.1 Online

I have finally integrated the GWT Simile timeline into the gTraffic.info site. Clicking on a traffic region will cause the timeline tab to appear. The items on the tab are hooked into the map markers so that clicking on the severity icon from the timeline bubble will flip to the map tab and highlight the […]

GWT Timeline 1.1

I have fixed the issue with the timeline not drawing into the contained DIV. It turns out you have to set the view width of the DIV _before_ you attempt to create it. The example app source has been updated but the live version has not been updated as yet. There is an existing issue […]

GWT Simile Timeline Wrapper v1.0

To view demo application using GWT Simile Timeline wrapper go here. This a GWT wrapper around the Simile Timeline javascript control. This will let you write timelines in java like this. If you use the GWT code I would be interested in hearing from you. There are a couple of issues to note: – The […]

GMap v1.0 gone. GWT Simile Timeline

So that’s it the version 1.0 Google map is gone. I managed to complete the GWT rewrite of gTraffic just ahead of this. The uk version of the site has been forwarded to the new site (it use to point to the old for comparison purposed). I have completed the port of Simile Timeline control […]

Timeline screenshot.

Here is a screenshot of Simile timeline implemented in GWT. You can zoom in using IE ctrl+/- or in Firefox right click and choose ‘View Image’. The timeline can indicate at a glance if there are a lot of long running events like roadworks in a region or if there are many events groups around […]

gTraffic v2.0

New version of site has been deployed. The original site has been completely rewritten using GWT. There are a number of outstanding issues to resolve but nothing that effects the usability of the site. I intend to write more about my experience of using GWT in future posts. The old site was about to go […]