GWT Timeline 1.1

I have fixed the issue with the timeline not drawing into the contained DIV. It turns out you have to set the view width of the DIV _before_ you attempt to create it. The example app source has been updated but the live version has not been updated as yet. There is an existing issue with viewing the control in Firefox/Mozilla browsers which is still outstanding.

Basically the client window size, as reported by the browser, is different whether depending on which tab you are on when you resize the browser window. From what I can see this is a known problem but it is only an issue if, like me, you are trying to get the component views to fit the available window.

I have not ported the new timeline over to the gTraffic site yet as I want to resolve this stuff first.

If you download the source for the timeline now you will get the ‘fixed’ version. Sorry to say this is still in a state of flux and you can expect more changes for now until I resolve this.


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