I have been working on a GWT Wrapper API for Jack Slocum’s javascript GUI component library yui-ext. In Jack own words this is a ‘library of reusable JavaScript widgets and classes that extend the Yahoo! UI Library’.

Sidu Ponnappa has an example of yui integration here but his drag and drop example doesn’t look like the sort of thing I would use (yet) and also layout managers are the major thing that drove me to start using GWT in the first place.

So, I have been casting an envious eye over Jacks particular layout manager for quite a while now and after the Simile Timeline GWT Wrapper I have started to get an eye for what can be wrapped easily and what can’t.

There is a lot to yui-ext but it’s usage can be boiled down to the examples on the documentation page which means that is my main target. So far it’s just the BorderLayout stuff and the theme setting but it’s getting there.

Here are some screenshots. I see my home town of Milngavie appears to be hemmed in by golf clubs.

Map tab


Map tab

You can zoom in using IE ctrl+/- or in Firefox right click and choose ‘View Image’.

I am hesitant to create a Google Code project as I am unsure (a) what Jack will make of this and (b) I don’t want to starting having to field questions about yui-ext when I am far from an expert (hey at least I’m honest).

I could have just published the layout manager as it was on the first cut but I went on to insert some real controls into the central panel (Google Map and GWT Simile Timeline). Quite a lot of redesign later (ComplexPanel based now) and I am struggling with the thorny issue of getting the controls to resize correctly into the central panel.

I don’t know when this will be ready for the big-time but I thought I’d point out that I am working on it anyway.


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