gwt-yui-ext is my (partial) wrapper around (some) of the yui-ext components. The yui-ext library is built upon the YUI library by Yahoo which is a javascript library of routines for page layout and animation (among other things). Jack Slocum has taken this and developed an amazing set of controls including a layout with sliding panels and a blinding grid control which could take on any commercial library. So… I like his controls and I thought was it possible to wrap them in a way that GWT could use them? Well the answer is yes but now I am not so sure it was really worth the bother. On reflection I don’t think this is _entirely_ what Google had in mind for their JSNI mechanism. I suspect they were hoping that people would write cool controls like this in GWT. Well it aint happened yet so I suppose some of the gwt-yui-ext will suffice in the meantime.

I started off on this with the BorderLayout control and fairly quickly got something to work. A lot of debugging later I realised that basing the control upon a ‘ComplexPanel’ would do a lot of the things that I was having to reproduce in my code. One rewite later and it seem to be sortof complete with a few funnies hanging around:

– The right panel doesn’t seem to force a resize of the central panel unlike the left??
– Grabbing the split-panel resize bar is a bit hit and miss??

I was going to publish this then I had the thought ‘who actually wants this layout’. I can’t see it anywhere other than Jacks blog, where it integrates well, but I was still having a kind of ‘what’s the point’ feeling.

Enter the ‘grid’ control. Everyone loves a data grid. The yui-ext grid is a cracker with lots of functionality and looks the business.

So, I have made a start on this. The sorting function for the columns is the last piece of the jigsaw but I have held back to have a think about how to do this in a way that can hook into GWT and let people write their own.

Here is the demo. Either it’s good idea or a bad one. Developers please mail me at

Also, if you are interested in getting involved in implementing a particular feature then mail me.


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