gwt-yui-ext update #2

I have made an important update to the gwt-yui-ext library. The grid control wasn’t much use if you couldn’t click on it and select items for editing etc so I have implemented the GridEventManager and GridEventListener classes. These will let you listen for clicks, double clicks etc and response by defining your own functions sub-classed from the GridEventListener.


GridEventListener rowListener = new TestGridEventListener();
rowListener, grid.getGrid());

The onRowClick function in the class TestGridEventListener will get called when the use clicks on a row.

I have to make some changed to the example to extract the row data when the row is selected or double-clicked to show this off. The example at the moment merely shows a window alert with the contents of the first column.

The important point about this is now I can move the component parts of the gTraffic site into the yui-ext framework which will show this off better than the sample app ever could.

Roadworks and VMS

I am still trying to get the Roadworks and VMS (Variable Message Signs) feeds working again but I am having problems getting the authentication to work properly (I have username and password access to secured data).

Please bear with me for the moment. Currently the data displayed for these map layers is woefully out of date. I know from the webstats that these are not really looked at that often but _somebody_ must be interested in them so I will do my best to try and get these going again.

At some point I would like to come back and redo the application layout. I am open to suggestions so mail me at arutherford if you have a suggestion.

GWT Flex Bridge

A recent thread on the GWT forum got me interested in the possibility of interfacing GWT to Adobe Flex. Adobe have released a javascript to flex ‘bridge’ component called FABridge.

I have put together a (very) quick and dirty demo the two components talking to each other through the FABridge. This is far from finished but is does demonstrate the basic concepts.

Download the zip file from here.

If you examine the source code you will see that I have tried to enclose the embedding of the swf component within the ‘FlexWidget’ by writing the holder html straight into the main html view. The controller object is then supposed to pick up the embedded object in the JNSI code. This doesn’t work. I am looking into why not.

GWT Flex demo here. Only works in Firefox/Mozilla/Opera browsers for the moment.

Source code here.

gwt-yui-ext wiki

I have added a ‘getting started’ wiki page to the gwt-yui-ext page at Google code.

I have no time to put into this at the moment but I hope to get back to it at the end of the month (Feb).

I can’t hope to cover the entire API but I will try and focus on the generally useful stuff like dialogs and such.