gwt-yui-ext update #2

I have made an important update to the gwt-yui-ext library. The grid control wasn’t much use if you couldn’t click on it and select items for editing etc so I have implemented the GridEventManager and GridEventListener classes. These will let you listen for clicks, double clicks etc and response by defining your own functions sub-classed from the GridEventListener.


GridEventListener rowListener = new TestGridEventListener();
rowListener, grid.getGrid());

The onRowClick function in the class TestGridEventListener will get called when the use clicks on a row.

I have to make some changed to the example to extract the row data when the row is selected or double-clicked to show this off. The example at the moment merely shows a window alert with the contents of the first column.

The important point about this is now I can move the component parts of the gTraffic site into the yui-ext framework which will show this off better than the sample app ever could.


One Response to “gwt-yui-ext update #2”

  1. Animal on January 31st, 2007 2:23 pm

    What is the gwt-yui-ext library?

    I’ve heard of GWT.

    I use yui-ext.

    Is this some kind of extension to GWT that allows it to use yui-ext on the client?