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Archives for February, 2007

gwt-jsviz #2

The 0.0.1 gwt-jsviz codebase has been moved into the ‘tags’ svn directory. You can still access it under tags.01. This has been done to make way for the 0.0.2 version code which is now in the main source trunk. The has the JSViz widget converted to a panel and the demos have been updated accordingly. […]

Project Updates #1

After getting gwt-jsviz out the door I feel it’s time to take stock of my current list of on-going projects. gwt-jsviz The gwt-jsvix API wrapper was something that I had been putting some time into on and off for quite a while so I am glad to have the first revision up and running. Already […]


I am pleased to announce that version 0.0.1 of th gwt-jsviz GWT Wrapper API has gone online. JSViz is a javascript library which lets you create visualisations of data as a 2D graph of nodes. The gwt-jsviz library is a GWT Wrapper API around the JSViz javascript. You can find it here. Background I had […]

gwt-yui-ext #3

There is a big update in the offing. I am working to get this into shape. I really like the Google Code interface but can I just complain that it is ridiculously slow. The svn interface is like using a 56k modem and the web interface isn’t much better. I don’t know what sourceforge is […]