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Archives for March, 2007

Flex: Training from the source

I am now officially half way through the tutorials having just finished the drag and drop lesson 12. I noticed some errors in the previous lesson and when I looked at the Adobe site they had already posted up corrections. If they want another one then they can take out the reference to the workaround […]

No more spam

Hurray, I finally upgraded to new WordPress and have installed the spam filter. It seems to be working so I have switched the comments back on. The new version of WordPress is very nice also.

WordPress Update

I have updated to the latest version of WordPress. There is now a spam filter in the comments so I really hope this manages to remove the vast amount of splog postings I seem to get (a curse on you spammers [shakes fist], damn your eyes!). Just got to work out how the hell to […]

Contact Details

Sorry to anyone who has tried to contact me recently. I seem to have a myriad number of email addresses and I have lost track a little as to what ones I posted up and when. Please use the one mentioned in the ‘About’ page (on the top right). You are guaranteed to get through […]

gwt-yui-ext #3

I see that there are a number of issues building up around the gwt-yui-ext library. I am going to try and spend some time this weekend addressing them. I am going to stop working on the edit grid for now as I can’t find a way to implement the localised editor functions for the cells. […]

Flex2 And Eclipse – Editor

I have been trying to get a Flex2 setup working on bog-standard Eclipse. So far here are the instructions for the editor. In order to get Eclipse setup for editing: 1. Download latest Eclipse (3.2.2 as of writing). 2. Install Eclipse and start it up. 3. Go to Help/Software Updates/Find And Install 4. Select the […]

Learning Flex

I have implemented the majority of the edit grid functionality for gwt-yui-ext. I have a hit a snag though and keep meaning to get back to it. For now, I have been working my way through Adobe Flex 2: Training from the Source. I’m about a quarter of the way through so far and reckon […]