Flex: Training from the source

I am now officially half way through the tutorials having just finished the drag and drop lesson 12.

I noticed some errors in the previous lesson and when I looked at the Adobe site they had already posted up corrections.

If they want another one then they can take out the reference to the workaround ‘localContent’ function on page 303 as it’s no longer needed. The latest version of Flex seems to have fixed this issue.

No more spam

Hurray, I finally upgraded to new WordPress and have installed the spam filter. It seems to be working so I have switched the comments back on. The new version of WordPress is very nice also.

WordPress Update

I have updated to the latest version of WordPress. There is now a spam filter in the comments so I really hope this manages to remove the vast amount of splog postings I seem to get (a curse on you spammers [shakes fist], damn your eyes!).

Just got to work out how the hell to set up the RSS feed now.

Contact Details

Sorry to anyone who has tried to contact me recently. I seem to have a myriad number of email addresses and I have lost track a little as to what ones I posted up and when. Please use the one mentioned in the ‘About’ page (on the top right). You are guaranteed to get through to me on this.

I thought I had switched the comment feature off and it turns out it is still coming up. I get a vast amount of splog posting on this mechanism and everything automatically gets junked. I am going to have to upgrade to a later version of wordpress to fix this. It is a pain in the arse for anyone who has lovingly crafted a post. Please accept my apologies once again.

gwt-yui-ext #3

I see that there are a number of issues building up around the gwt-yui-ext library. I am going to try and spend some time this weekend addressing them.

I am going to stop working on the edit grid for now as I can’t find a way to implement the localised editor functions for the cells. Not a way that GWT can do it in a java fashion anyway. This is most annoying as there is a fair bit of the usage done.

There is a push on just now over at the yui-ext site to get Ext out the door. I have recieved requests as to whether I will be wrapping this and I have to say for now, no. It will have to get to a stable condition before I could attempt it and even then I think it will be too much work for me to take on.

The existing yui-ext library as far as gwt-yui-ext is concerned will forever be 0.3.3. This doesn’t discount it’s usefulness though there are limitations which I am starting to see now that people have been using the trunk code.

Flex2 And Eclipse – Editor

I have been trying to get a Flex2 setup working on bog-standard Eclipse.

So far here are the instructions for the editor.

In order to get Eclipse setup for editing:

1. Download latest Eclipse (3.2.2 as of writing).

2. Install Eclipse and start it up.

3. Go to Help/Software Updates/Find And Install

4. Select the Callisto download

5. Download everything

6. Go to Darron Shalls blog here and follow his instructions for setting the editor up. You will need the mxml XSD file which is no longer bundled with Flex. Get it from Simeon Batemans blog here.

Thanks to these guys who took the time to work this stuff out.

Now, lets see if we can integrate the compiler into Eclipse.

Learning Flex

I have implemented the majority of the edit grid functionality for gwt-yui-ext. I have a hit a snag though and keep meaning to get back to it.

For now, I have been working my way through Adobe Flex 2: Training from the Source. I’m about a quarter of the way through so far and reckon it will take me another two weeks to finish since I am only getting about an hour each evening to look at this.

The reason I started to look at Flex was because of my trial implementation of the Flex/GWT integration through FABridge. I figured I’d be better off knowing it well before I tried to skin some of the actionscript classes using GWT. Whether I’ll ever try this or not is debatable but in the meantime Flex has caught my interest. My only gripe so far is that FlexBuilder 2 is horrendously expensive! Particularly in the UK. I can’t afford it, so once the trial is up it’s back to the command line for me.