gwt-yui-ext #3

I see that there are a number of issues building up around the gwt-yui-ext library. I am going to try and spend some time this weekend addressing them.

I am going to stop working on the edit grid for now as I can’t find a way to implement the localised editor functions for the cells. Not a way that GWT can do it in a java fashion anyway. This is most annoying as there is a fair bit of the usage done.

There is a push on just now over at the yui-ext site to get Ext out the door. I have recieved requests as to whether I will be wrapping this and I have to say for now, no. It will have to get to a stable condition before I could attempt it and even then I think it will be too much work for me to take on.

The existing yui-ext library as far as gwt-yui-ext is concerned will forever be 0.3.3. This doesn’t discount it’s usefulness though there are limitations which I am starting to see now that people have been using the trunk code.


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