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Archives for April, 2007

Flex: Traffic Timeline Chart #2

Okay, so this is a bit better: What we are looking at here is an interesting mix of stuff from Ely Greenfields Flex Charting blog. Ely is the guy who wrote Flex Charts so his site is a first stop if you are considering using the charting controls. There are two things going on here, […]

Flex: Traffic Timeline Chart

Does this look familiar? Looks bad I think, but this is work in progress. I will post this code up as soon as I finalise the look and feel. I think I will take out the text as doesn’t look very good. Here is a first look at flexTraffic. Note the sliding panels. None of […]

gTraffic: Version 2.2

I have fixed the problem with the map. The latest version of the map control 2.77 isn’t compatible with the GWT wrapper I use for the Google Map. As soon as I saw the javascript errors in the Firebug console pane I knew right away what it was. I pinned the map version at 2.76 […]

gTraffic: Problems

Aaaargh. I have just checked out gTraffic and there seems to be a problem. There are no events on the map! The weekend is upon us so I hope to find time to see what the problem is. In the meantime if you want to know what’s happening with UK traffic then checkout this.

Flex : Datagrid with embedded icon lookup

I am rewriting gTraffic in Flex. My intention is to open source the code when it’s complete to serve as an example for other people of a Flex map site. I have written quite a bit but mostly to integrate my initial prototype with the Cairngorm framework. This article and hopefully other future articles will […]

Simile Timeline : Update

Well it’s been a while but I have finally got around to making an update to the gwt simile timeline. I had a request back in Dec last year (06) to add in the ability to load XML directly from a text string instead of having to use the AJAX loading mechanism. I thought it […]

Flex: Yahoo Map and gTraffic

I have to be honest, I have got lesson 13 in ‘Flex: Training from the source’ and I am struggling to keep some interest in punching in code (I do enough of that during the day) so I have started to put together a gTraffic-type site using Flex instead. This is mostly to keep my […]