Simile Timeline : Update

Well it’s been a while but I have finally got around to making an update to the gwt simile timeline. I had a request back in Dec last year (06) to add in the ability to load XML directly from a text string instead of having to use the AJAX loading mechanism. I thought it would be easy but when I went to look at it it turned out to be a bit involved.

Basically the event source object, which is the object which holds the data for a timeline, expects an XML document object to be supplied to load the data from. The AJAX call back mechanism automatically generates such an object in the request.responseStream of HTTPRequest object. Generating one of these from xml text isn’t straightforward as each browser has a different way to do it and you don’t have access to whatever magic the HTTPRequest is doing under the covers to create one.

I have had to add in a couple utility functions (see TimelineHelper.js in the code). This has been tested with Firefox, IE7 and Opera. I have no idea if it will work with Safari, I suspect not.

So, there are new calls to the EventSource object

public void loadXMLText(String xmlText)
    EventSourceImpl.loadXMLText(xmlText, GWT.getModuleBaseURL(), this);


public void loadJSON(String json) 
    EventSourceImpl.loadJSON(json, GWT.getModuleBaseURL(),this);

The loadJSON was a user contrubution from the Google Code site (thanks jdwyah whoever you are).

I started off writing a fancy JSON callback implementation then I realised that there are enough AJAX callback frameworks out there to handle however you want to get your data into the application so I haven’t put anything like that in. It just clutters up the interface anyway.

Look at the function processTextData in the class to see an example of calling loadXMLText. It really couldn’t be easier.

I have bundled the latest MIT Simile timeline javascript code in with the source code zip. Keeping this locally makes the timeline boot up faster. Just be aware of this in case you have your own altered version.


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