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Archives for May, 2007

Flex: Yahoo map won’t make the cut

I have valiantly tried to use the Yahoo Map Flex component but it’s so slow to plot points that it’s completely useless. I was going to show the development version but probably better not to. Here is a screen shot: – Plotting many markers is slow. This is no use to me. I’m really surprised […]

Flex: Asset lookup dictionary

Here is the latest events panel from my gTraffic rewrite in Flex here ever after to be called (until I change my mind) ‘flexTraffic’ One of the important parts of the original application was a lookup of a traffic event ‘severity’ and ‘category’ to fetch the appropriate icon for the map and the events panel […]

Flex: Cairngorm 2.2 Events

I have been updating my flex version of gTraffic to the recently released version of Cairngorm. One of the changes it that there is a new means of dispatching Cairngorm events. It used to be: CairngormEventDispatcher.getInstance(). dispatchEvent(new GetRegionsEvent()); and now it’s var event:CairngormEvent = new GetRegionsEvent(); event.dispatch(); I have a problem with this which is […]