Flex: Cairngorm 2.2 Events

I have been updating my flex version of gTraffic to the recently released version of Cairngorm. One of the changes it that there is a new means of dispatching Cairngorm events. It used to be:

dispatchEvent(new GetRegionsEvent());

and now it’s

var event:CairngormEvent = new GetRegionsEvent();

I have a problem with this which is that it’s not very explicit especially if you rewrite it as:

var event:GetRegionsEvent = new GetRegionsEvent();

At least the original way you were firmly in Cairngorm-land and knew it. If you rewrite it the second way then looking at it it doesn’t seem totally clear unless you are aware that only CairngormEvent has a dispatch method.

I guess the Cairngorm guys know what they are doing but experience has taught me to be very wary of putting in a ‘shortcut’ like this. Too much scope to confuse a developer looking at a Flex/Cairngorm application which might have a mix of both Flex bog-standard events and Cairngorm events.


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