Flex: Yahoo map won’t make the cut

I have valiantly tried to use the Yahoo Map Flex component but it’s so slow to plot points that it’s completely useless.

I was going to show the development version but probably better not to. Here is a screen shot:

flexTraffic event pane

– Plotting many markers is slow. This is no use to me. I’m really surprised and disappointed about this as I had thought the Flex map would be quick. Obviously having to put some sort of communication channel down to the AS2 map and then to the map tiles is having an effect.

– The only events you can catch on the map markers are from POI (Point Of Interest) markers. The catch is that the event returned contains _no_ information about the marker. There is a fix but you have to recompile the .fla file which means you need Flash.

The Yahoo map looks beautiful but the Flex implementation is not ready for the big time. I hate to slag anything off given the effort that’s been put into the (free) AS3 library but it’s not as if their short of cash to throw at this kind of thing.

The only solution now is an embedded iframe and FABridge.


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