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Archives for June, 2007

gTraffic : Status

I see that the parser is now receiving data properly again. Must have been a glitch in the BBC feed. I see from my web stats that the traffic (no pun intended) has dropped off somewhat.

gTraffic : Parser problems

There appears to be a problem with the TPEG data parser for the BBC traffic data. The incidents shown on the map are not up to date. Looking into it…

Flex: Map24 inside html IFrame

This is Map24 running inside an HTML iframe component. There is also another implementation of a similar thing here which works just as well. I haven’t decided on which one to use although the second one is completely free. FABridge is setup to listen to events from the Flex view and trigger operations in javascript […]

Flex: Actionscript Beautifier

Putting together some ‘Value Objects’ (VO) for a flex application I am working on I was pulling across the java-side member vars to put into the corresponding VO class. After a bit of editing I was left with lots of lines to format. I considered trying to install the Jalopy plugin for Eclipse but thought […]