gTraffic : Status

I see that the parser is now receiving data properly again. Must have been a glitch in the BBC feed. I see from my web stats that the traffic (no pun intended) has dropped off somewhat.

gTraffic : Parser problems

There appears to be a problem with the TPEG data parser for the BBC traffic data. The incidents shown on the map are not up to date.

Looking into it…

Flex: Map24 inside html IFrame

This is Map24 running inside an HTML iframe component. There is also another implementation of a similar thing here which works just as well. I haven’t decided on which one to use although the second one is completely free.

FABridge is setup to listen to events from the Flex view and trigger operations in javascript down to the map.

Switch the map into Applet mode and we have a flash application talking to a Java applet through a javascript layer working inside an html page!


Flex: Actionscript Beautifier

Putting together some ‘Value Objects’ (VO) for a flex application I am working on I was pulling across the java-side member vars to put into the corresponding VO class. After a bit of editing I was left with lots of lines to format. I considered trying to install the Jalopy plugin for Eclipse but thought better of it as I have had bad experiences recently with making other plug-ins work with Flex builder. Then I remembered from the dim and distant past an online pretty printer I had used for javascript. Much to my surprise it works really well as long as you don’t mind copying and pasting code between the browser and the IDE. Here it is.

Copy your actionscript into the browser edit pane and hit ‘Submit Query’.
Copy the tarted up code back into Flex Builder.

There are other beautifiers kicking around but they are all commercial or require you to install perl (yeeech) and the likes. This is free and does the job just as well.

For the record I had big problems with Aptana and XML Buddy. Aptana didn’t like the html generated for the Flex app and XML buddy balked at mxml. Both blocked the final app generation and I confess I didn’t have the time to figure out how to fix this. Probably there was simple solutions but as I say, no time. They are both excellent though and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for bog standard java Eclipse.