Flex: flexTraffic v0.0.1


The initial version of flexTraffic is here. This application displays BBC traffic and travel information on a Google Map hosted inside a Flex app. The data is fetched from the server side using the Flex mx:HTTPService component and parsed into a format which is then passed through FABridge to the map control.

In essence this has the same back-end as gTraffic but with a Flex application for the front-end.

There is lots of clever stuff going on here like two way communication between the html iframe and the Flex app through FABridge. The html component is the same one from here but it has been modified so it will hide itself automatically if it’s parent holder is no longer visible (I will post an example with code for this soon).

update: flexTraffic

I am still working on this. So busy with other stuff that I have had very little time to put into this and when I did have time I couldn’t be bothered looking at the code. Anyway there is a version deployed but I am still ironing out stuff. I have dropped the timeline as it just isn’t good enough.