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Archives for September, 2007

Flex: IFrame HTML Component v1.1

At the prompting of a comment in the previous IFrame post (thanks masu) I inserted the IFrame.as component into the original demo from Brian Deitte here. There was a problem where the frame component wasn’t sizing correctly when the source url was assigned. I hadn’t seen the problem before because I am assigning only one […]

Flex: flexTraffic v0.0.2

I have finally got round to making some updates to the flexTraffic site. Uses my new iFrame component I have added an experimental ‘graph’ pane. This is a bit of a work in progress. I had originally linked all the roads together with the events hanging off them but the end result looked like a […]

Flex: Towards a better IFrame HTML component.

If you just want to get the code and skip my ramblings go here. When I set out to teach myself flex I decided that it would be a good experiment to convert my gTraffic application, which is written using GWT, to a Flex version. Rejecting the Yahoo Flex map I ended up with a […]

Flex: GWT: Developer Experience – Part 1

Introduction This is the start of a three part article focusing on my experience of using GWT and then Adobe Flex to implement versions of my UK traffic information site gTraffic. You can compare the two by looking at the GWT version and the Flex version. As an inital primer I will talk about the […]