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Archives for November, 2007

Flex: Modest Maps Demo

I have been playing around with using Modest Maps in Flex. This is a Flash mapping solution which sits over existing providers of map tiles like Google, Yahoo etc. Simple demo here. Features Use of Flex Modest Map. OpenStreetMap layer. Nice slider for zooming in and out. I have had to modify the Flex ‘map.as’ […]

Flex: IFrame Demo Update

As promised here are the previous demos with the need for the web server removed. I have seen the occasional security error popping up but you know how it is, they disappear and then you can’t reproduce the circumstances. Any problems download the code and email me your thoughts. HTMLTest This is the original demo. […]

Flex: IFrame with local file.

I have been playing around with creating a demo app which runs as a file (instead of through a web server). Accessing a remote url as the ‘source’ value for the IFrame works perfectly but I have noticed strange behaviour if you access a local html file. Works fine in Firefox but I get a […]

GWT: Flex integration

Well done to Christian Voigt for putting GWT and Flex together in a way that works. He has written a small library and demo plus a clear explanation on his blog page for those interested here. I have had a look at his solution and it makes mine look horribly over-engineered which I guess it […]

Flex: flexTraffic Jam Cam Image Size

I notice that the BBC have changed the default image size of their Jam Cams. I haven’t had time to update the application but I notice that if your click on the image selection twice it will expand to fit. I am so busy that this stuff has been relegated to the ‘todo’ list for […]