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Archives for December, 2007

Blog: Opera

I am looking at this blog in Opera 9.25 and I have to say it looks miles better that Firefox or IE8. The screenshots are way sharper and it’s actually rendering the bullet points which Firefox seems to have stopped doing. My spelling is no beter though. I like Opera but it doesn’t render Google […]

Blog: Look and Feel

Uh, like the new theme? I not sure about it myself but I it does seem better in some aspect than the old ‘noob’ default theme. If anyone discovers their RSS feed from this site it broken can you tell me. Expect this to change again. I took a look at MoveableType and after quite […]

Flex: cvt (seive it)

CVT – Cluster Visualisation Tool (pronounced sieve-it) is a Flex application for the visualisation of search results returned from the Carrot2 search clustering engine. Here we can see the results returned from sticking my name into the search. Note that the application also has a ‘site’ input box which lets you target a particular site. […]