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I am looking at this blog in Opera 9.25 and I have to say it looks miles better that Firefox or IE8. The screenshots are way sharper and it’s actually rendering the bullet points which Firefox seems to have stopped doing. My spelling is no beter though.

I like Opera but it doesn’t render Google Maps very well (slow). Also I have had some flaky experiences with Flash 9 although it was pretty zippy when I tried out the Modest Maps demo.

I have updates to make to the iFrame courtesy of ‘Max’ who has added the ability to render to a div (thanks Max). Also I recieved an email saying the Modest Maps demo wasn’t deleting markers which I discovered is a bug in the MM code. I fixed this but if you have access to Flex Builder you will discover it anyway You have to change:

public function putMarker(id:String, location:Location, marker:DisplayObject=null):void
if (marker)
{ = id; // ***THIS IS MISSING LINE***
//if ( != id) throw new Error("marker name must match id");
markerClip.attachMarker(marker, location); // calls grid.putMarker as well
else {
grid.putMarker(id, __mapProvider.locationCoordinate(location),

According to Sinisa the deletion is ‘dog’ slow which is not good news if you need to plot and replot lots of markers.

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this blog. I know there are a few who drop in from time to time as I look at the stats.

gTraffic is due an update maybe I’ll find the get up and go to get back into GWT and fix it’s shortcomings.

flexTraffic was a bit of an experiment. I would retire the GWT version of the site if the web stats weren’t so high. What I need to do is to recompile with a link to the Flash version. I spent a lot of time on the Python scripts..lots of time..being totally bloody minded and attempting to wrestle the TPEG xml down to something usable. More time than I spent writing the sites (html initially).

Python was my first exposure to a dynamic scripting language. I had used javascript before but I was using it in a way like a glue around what I was doing with html. If you are a java only or C++ programmer time to steer away from the shore and find yourself a project to try this stuff out. I may expand on this mibbe on later posts.

gwt-yui-ext is to be retired (as in deleted from Google Code) on 1st Jan 2008. It was fun and a good learning experience but it quickly turned into land of the ‘edge-case’ nightmares. My advice…don’t try and wrap a large javascript library with GWT it can’t be done successfully without a massive effort to chase a moving target. Better to try a small component like the Simile timeline. Good luck to the next guy. You will need it.


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