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Archives for January, 2008

Flex: SPARQL Browser – Flex based dbPedia Semantic Web Explorer

SPARQL Explorer is an application which is a front end for the dbPedia SPARQL endpoint. For the best explanation of what dbPedia is you should go to their website. I quote: “DBpedia is a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to […]

Flex: flexTraffic – CCTV Images

I notice that Transport For London have upgraded their CCTV traffic ‘Jam Cam’ camera resolution. The quality of the images provided now is amazing. Spy on your friends and family. Image here flexTraffic is here. There is a bug under IE where the zoomin/zoomout icons on the camera popup are not aligned correctly. Bear with […]

Flex: IFrame Resizing

In place of a demo I thought I would try and have another stab at describing how to resize the contents of your IFrame to match the size the IFrame itself. Firstly have a look at the communications demo mentioned in the previous post. Once you understand what’s going on between the page and the […]

Flex: IFrame comms demo update

IFrameCommTest is an updated version of my original Flex/HTML communications demo. I have modified it to be standalone so you no longer need to deploy it on a Web Server to work. To recap: Data is passed to the page using a Flex Event. The page registers an event handler through FABridge for the DirectionEvent. […]

Flex: Modest Maps CCTV Demo v1.0

Here is a modified version of my original demo. This takes the BBC Jam Cam image feed and displays them using Modest Maps. Simple demo here. Source code here. The original lat/lng positions were supplied from an early Google Maps demo by someone. The demo has long gone so I can’t give credit to the […]

Flex: Modest Maps Demo – v1.1

I have updated the simple Flex Modest Maps demo. The new version defines a dictionary for marker icon assets and looks up the appropriate icon based on severity. The EventMarker class has been extended to take an icon reference as a parameter. When a traffic event is parsed from the xml file it’s severity is […]

Flex: Degrafa demo update

I have updated the ‘Jess’ demo to use a higher vector count image. There are 103 vectors in the new image. You can adust the image in both the X and Y directions as well. To recap, I have converted an original jpg image to an SVG vectorised representation using Vector Magic. The SVG is […]

Flex: Vector Magic to Degrafa Example

My Sunday afternoon task was to take the promise of this post on the Degrafa website and put it into practise. The target was to take a source jpeg, convert it to SVG and then parse the SVG to generate Degrafa mxml which would match the original image. This is a picture of my cat […]