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Archives for February, 2008

Flex: Social Graph Browser

I have created a Social Graph Browser application. This is a graph front end to the Google Social Graph API. It presents the same sort of information you can fetch from the example applications but on a connected graph. You can read up on the Social Graph and what it is here. In short, Google […]

Flex: Modest Maps – Demo update to version 1.0 library.

I have updated both the Modest Maps demos to use the newly released v1.0 Modest Maps library. New ones: Simple demo Flex builder project in zipped form here. London BBC Jam Cams demo Flex builder project in zipped form here. I have tagged the new demos with “_v1” to denote them from the old ones. […]

Flex: SPARQL Browser – Semantic Web Explorer v0.0.2

I have updated my SPARQL browser application. It’s possible to specify a different endpoint other than just dbPedia now. I have not tested this exhaustively but I know it works against the GovTrack endpoint as well. I have separated the PREFIX definitions into a separate tab. This is to make the main query text area […]