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Archives for March, 2008

Flex: Prefuse Flare Force Directed Graph Demo

Prefuse Flare is a visualisation library for AS3. This is a demo I have been cobbling together for about a week now. Right click to examine the source code. I am extremely impressed at how well designed and implemented the Flare library is. There are, however, a few problems. The edges sometimes get left behind […]

Flex: Social Graph Browser with Favicons

There is a new version of the Social Graph Browser application. This now has added ‘favicon’ goodness! After all the graft required to add support for 4,8 and 24bpp bitmap types to the flexlib IconLoader class I wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth all the groundwork but I have to say I […]

Flex: FaviconGrabber – Remote icon fetch

This application FaviconGrabber loads a remote icon from a specified url. This was developed to test out the technique of pulling a favicon from a remote url for display in a Flex application. The application I had in mind was the Social Graph Browser where the favicon for a results urls would be embedded into […]

Flex: IFrame demos updated to Flexbuilder 3 & Other stuff

Flex IFrame I have updated the IFrame demos source code to Flexbuilder 3. You can find them on the project page here. A recent correspondence reminded me that there is a problem with loading local html when developing with Flexbuilder. I haven’t figured out the problem yet but if you use IE as your browser […]