Flex: UMap WMS Custom Provider Traffic Demo

Here is another UMap WMS Provider demo

This is the Glasgow traffic data from here and applied to a WMS feed from here.

This uses the UMap component from AFComponents.

IFrame Map App

Right-click to view the source.

The WMS feed is defined in the ‘DataModel.as’ class.

public static var WMS_TILE_URL:String = “http://www2.demis.nl/wms/wms.ashx”;

public static var WMS_TILE_LAYERS:String =

public static var WMS_LAYER_FORMAT:String = “Image/png”;

This doesn’t use the OSGR conversions of the previous demo and instead uses the straight WGS84 projection “EPSG:4326”.

Update #1

Updated to new version of UMap control 1.1 02/08/08. See here.


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