Flex: SPARQL Browser Update

More changes to the SPARQLbrowser.

Sparql Browser

Right click to view/download the source code.

There are bugs:

Update #1

The world most esoteric Flex application just got better! I have fixed the issue with the datagrid wordwrap and cell height. Just to recap – if the wordwrap was switched on then long text in a grid cell would push the datagrid off the page!!! Do you know how I fixed this? I heard a colleague at work tallking about setting the minHeight property to zero. I was busy at the time but I knew he was trying to fix a datagrid formatting issue so I thought to myself tonight ‘ho hum..lets see what happens if I set minHeight to zero’. Well it works. No idea why. I will have a chat to the developer tomorrow.The other grid sorting bug remains. Still I remain hopeful. There is always a way (sometimes).

Update #2

Some cosmetic changes. I have moved the ‘cancel query’ button over to the left and taken out the ‘execute’ label.