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Archives for December, 2008

Android: Place Finder & Command Processor

Place Finder is a simple Android application which allows the user to input an address and see a map of the target area. It is composed of two screens Map activity with zoom controls and label to display the geocoder result. Geocoder activity which takes user input and runs a background thread to fetch results […]

General: Progress

I was hoping to get the Android weather app ‘simple weather’ into some sort of semblance of working order before the end of the year but it doesn’t look likely now. I ran up against a problem which showed itself when the phone orientation was flipped repeatedly. Basically my worker thread was holding onto the […]

Android: Simple Weather Menu Icons

I have renamed my Android weather application to ‘Simple Weather’. Menu with system Icons Absolutely the last screen shot I promise (until the next one). You can reuse the system drawables, their id values start with “ic_”. In this context I wanted to reuse icons for ‘Settings’ and ‘About’. The tricky bit, which isn’t very […]