General: Progress

I was hoping to get the Android weather app ‘simple weather’ into some sort of semblance of working order before the end of the year but it doesn’t look likely now. I ran up against a problem which showed itself when the phone orientation was flipped repeatedly. Basically my worker thread was holding onto the SQLLite cursor somehow so that when the view adapter went to requery it there was an issue getting hold of it (at least I think that what was causing it).

This problem got me started on examining the class which is bundled into some of the examples at apps-for-android. This is an interesting class and is worth some study. Basically it lets you spawn a background thread to perform some task which will take some initial parameters and return a stated type.

I wasn’t happy with my understanding of what was going on inside this so I set out to write an Android version of the CommandProcessor design pattern.

I think I have it working and what I think I’ll do is forget about the weather application just now and try and write a demo app which will show off what I have discovered when dissecting


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