Android: Roundup

There is an interesting article over at Object Computing. I came across it when I put in a search for Android on devzone. Basically it is proposing a solution to something which I have been wrestling over for a while – namely – how to signal to the background thread that the UI is no longer available for updates.

I have incorporated and expanded heavily on this technique in my own code to the point where I might actually have squashed almost all the annoying errors in my Simple Weather application for Android.

Flush with that success I have started back on the Traffic application. I am not posting any code until I get to try these out on an actual phone which I am hoping will arrive tomorrow (fat chance) or next week. How long does it take to ship stuff from California to Scotland?

Koushik Dutta is getting heavily into the spirit of hacking the platform over at his blog. This is well worth a look if you are an inveterate hacker of frameworks like me.

I was stepping though my source today and managed to step into the Android Cursor code. How did I do this. I followed the instructions mentioned here. This is described in a few places but I can confirm that the Python script in this site works a treat for bundling the code into a zip that you can then extract into a ‘sources’ directory under your sdk tree. It’s hard to emphasize how handy this is. I was always trying to drill into Android SDK classes to see what the hell was going on and now I can.