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Archives for February, 2009

Android: Tracking applications

Those of you with an Android application on the Android Market may be interested to note that it’s possible to track the progress of your application at these two sites. Cyrket lets you view the Android Market application listings. It has the last batch of comments and a ranking system. Androidstats has something which I […]

Android: Simple Weather v1.1.2 Uploaded

Hi to everyone who reaches here via the link on Simple Weather. I hope you like the application. For everyone else I have to announce that I have finally uploaded an Android application to the Android Market. ┬áSimple Weather is an application I have used to teach myself the Android platform. I hope it is […]

Android: Some Progress and App Store Analysis

Well the G1 developer phone arrived the day after my last post. Right away I spotted that the fonts for the geocoder activity were too small. I have fixed this now. I have a few apps in the pipeline (not least of which is the Simple Weather app mentioned in previous posts). No sign of […]