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Archives for March, 2009

Android: gTraffic NY

Here is gTraffic application modified to take NYSDOT traffic RSS feed. This is a bit of an experiment but I am hoping someone might find it useful. I have split the NYSDOT feed into regions. The application filters the main RSS feed according to a centre point and a radius which I took from Wikipedia. […]

Android: gTraffic – Crashes

I have been getting reports of crashes with the latest version of gTraffic for Android. This is all a bit unfortunate and a bit of a surprise. It works fine on my dev phone but that has been updated to the 1.1 version of the SDK. I see there could be many reasons for this. […]

Android: gTraffic 1.3.5

version 1.3.5 is up on Android Market. This has a few improvements for stuff that was annoying me but not necessarily things people might have noticed. Empty list text centred on the view. Position indicator letter for region list. Position indicator letter for incident list. Letter maps to the first letter of the ‘location’ description […]

Android: gTraffic Published!

I finally got sick of working on gTraffic for Android and published it. There is still a ton of stuff I would put in but I have to get started on a commercial application. Go to the Android market to download it. You can view comments here. A bit hello to anyone surfing in here […]

Android: gTraffic UK

I recently got an email from Google stating that the UK market for apps has opened. I figured that there might be some UK traffic applications and I was right. My application isn’t ready quite yet. I reckon by Sunday night I will be able to publish it. I am kind-of on target. The map […]

Android: Traffic App – gTraffic

Side by side. You can see the Android app looks like it has pulled the more recent data. I am still struggling with making an XML pull parser which extracts the data to the same degree of accuracy that the old Python parser did.

Android: Traffic UK Map

Here is the map view. I just got this working so I am pretty chuffed. I calculate the bounds for each region when I load the data. These value are stored in the database against the region name and then when the map is created it sets itself to the bounds of the displayed data. […]

Android: UK Traffic

I am back working on my UK Traffic application. Here are some screenshots. Loaded traffic list from selected region. Icons are for test purpose only. They will be redone once I iron all the wrinkles in the UI out. You will note they are coloured for severity. Parsing the TPEG data to extract this was […]