Android: gTraffic UK

I recently got an email from Google stating that the UK market for apps has opened. I figured that there might be some UK traffic applications and I was right. My application isn’t ready quite yet. I reckon by Sunday night I will be able to publish it. I am kind-of on target. The map element isn’t very good yet but I am working on it.

You will see I have added a timeline element to the list view. The duration is displayed with a red line to indicate _now_. I might change this to ‘time left’ but I am not sure how to make that obvious. The Timebar (as I call it) is a custom control. I put this together with help from the developer group and Retio Meier’s excellent book on Android programming.

Here is the loading screen for Strathclyde. The whole of the UK is available through the BBC feed which as far as I know is a mix of Highways Agency and TrafficLink so it’s really the best source you can get.


The main list view with timeline element.


I have redone the icons using InkScape so that they are a ‘bit’ better. Not much since I am no graphic artist. I am really starting to get into InkScape though. An amazing application especially for icons and stuff if you’ve got the patience.

I think this is going to be a free application. That was how I had visualised it. The BBC data comes with some heavy duty conditions which the iPhone developer of a similar application got around (I presume) by making people add the xml feed URL themselves. I am undecided. I feel that using the data in that way was a but underhand. I believe in free data for this stuff.


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