Android: Getting the cupcake source

I am currently working on a few projects with Android. One of these is an OpenGL game. Looking at the most recent blog post on the Android blog there is mention of a GLSurfaceView class which I was immediately interested in. The problem is it is in the 1.5 Cupcake source branch. How to get the code?

I had previously installed Git but it’s been a while since I used it so I couldn’t remember the commands to pull a branch of the code down. Stumbling around the inter-tubes I came across this page which has a url which pulls the latest head of the current branch. Hmmm I thought, I wonder if it would be possible to modify this to get the ‘cupcake’ branch. Well the answer is yes. You just have to modify the ‘h’ parameter to point to the target head.

So if the head is referenced as h=refs/heads/cupcake then the full url is;a=snapshot;h=refs/heads/cupcake;sf=tgz.

My plan is to pull the GLSurfaceView code out and build it into my app. This a stopgap until the 1.5 SDK is published officially.

Flex: IFrame zoom in/out fix

Ariel Sommeria has made a nice fix for a buggette in the Flex IFrame.

Currently if you zoom in and out of the page the Frame resizes as well. Ariel has made a clever fix which forces the frame back to the size it was when rendered the first time (I hope I have understood this correctly).

There is a sample with source here. Nice to see a demo to show off the addition.

Android: gTraffic UK and BBC Data

I think it might be worth pointing out that the gTraffic Android application does not break the Terms and Conditions applied to the BBC Traffic data. The biggest singular reason for this being that it is free. It will always be free because (unless I strike a deal with the BBC, TrafficLink and the Highways Agency) that is the main condition of use. See for yourselves here. I did see an argument on the comments for the iPhone traffic app which tried to reason that anything using the data was basically an RSS reader but I understand perfectly well that this is not the case. It is the data which comes under the Terms and Conditions and no amount of pre-processing it changes that.