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Archives for May, 2009

Android: Noiz2 1.3.0

I am play-testing version 1.3.0 just now. This has fast OpenGL renderer which should sort of a lot of the lag for the busier levels of the game. The fast renderering of multiple lines and colours is handled using line and color arrays. The code for this has been put into the BulletML demo. If […]

Android: Noiz2 – 1.2.4

Hi to everyone surfing in on their Android phones. The good news is I have finally released Noiz2 to the Android Market. Porting this application to Android has been a lot of work so I hope people like it. There is a complete explanation of the game here. Leave me some feedback. Please be specific […]

Android: Noiz2

Following on from my porting of Kenta Chos BulletML demo I decided to port Noiz2 to Android. I’m not going to go into a great deal of detail as to what was required to get this to work on Android. In short, I had to rewrite the entire BulletML parser which was quite a bit […]

Android: BulletML

In the process of putting together a shoot-em-up style game for the Android phone I remembered coming across BulletML from Kenta Cho. I am familiar with Kenta from rRootage which was/is the coolest shooter for the jail-broken iPhone. Somehow it has never appeared on the app store which is pretty bizarre. Anyway I knew that […]