Android: BulletML

In the process of putting together a shoot-em-up style game for the Android phone I remembered coming across BulletML from Kenta Cho. I am familiar with Kenta from rRootage which was/is the coolest shooter for the jail-broken iPhone. Somehow it has never appeared on the app store which is pretty bizarre. Anyway I knew that Kenta had defined a mark-up language for defining all the crazy bullet patterns from his games. I had a look at the Java Applet here. It was written in java how hard could it be?

In the end it wasn’t too bad but I still haven’t a clue about Kentas code which is as opaque as it gets.

I can visualise how I will marry this to my game although I will have to write an OpenGL rendering layer.




Demo source code here. I haven’t decided whether to put it up on the market yet in the demos section.

Update #1
I have rewritten graphics layer and implemented an OpenGL renderer for drawing the lines. Anyone interested in line graphics on Android might be interested in this. The line width feature under OpenGL does not work on the phone. It appears the width is fixed on the actual hardware to 1px.

Update #2

I got the profiler working. It looks like the application was linking to the opengl class in the SDK on the phone. Well, that’s what it looked like because when I changes the package name for the opengl stuff I ‘lifted’ from the v1.5 source it started working. Go figure.

The subversion source is kindof broken in the sense that I havce come across a bug in the int buffer. To make it work on the emulator comment out the lines marked ‘workaround’. More on this in later posts.


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